1 Feb ~ 14 things I love about my babies

A fun-filled day with all kinds of sweet friends and best of all, the start to one of the greatest holiday months! Both my birthday and Valentines fall in Feb, so it makes it one of my fave months. Here starts the parade of V-day couture! (=

Off to dance:Then, we headed straight to meet playgroup at Sunshine Glaze for the morning.

My little eligible bachelor.

Another thing I started was a countdown to V-day. Each day I left a gift of the exact days left and a list of that number of the things I loved about Sailer. Today was 14! 14 Suckers, and 14 I love you notes. (=

And of course, wouldn't be a day without Sailer getting into something. She's such a mess! At least she has soft skin. (=

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