11 Mar ~ Dear Lord help me with these two....

they are going to give me an ulcer at some point. They are trouble with a capital T... like no one else. It's hilarious and thank the Lord, Bella's mommy handles things a lot like me. Because I think we have many more of these moments to come.

So Jenny and I have now learned that when all goes quiet.... that means run as fast as you can to Miss. Tara's closet because something bad is going down in there. Let me give you example #1. One of the funniest moments to date of being Sailer's mama. I walked into my master closet only to be greeted by a literal haze. Two (not one) cans of full aerosol hairspray had just been sprayed in my closet by two little divas. Their hair was literally crisp. No movement at all. Two mamas having to sit down doubled over in laughter at the cluster that has just unfolded. What's so funny is that I couldn't be mad... they were so very proud of doing each other's hair that we just had to laugh.They proceeded to need to find outfits to match their new "do's."
Not just one bath (that nearly flooded not only her bathroom but bedroom as well) could wash away all the mess from this one night.
But still, I love them both so much. And wouldn't change a thing. I secretly love their mischief.

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