16 Feb ~ Bananas for Reading Friends

"Bananas for Reading Friends" was our sweet little theme for our belated Valentine's Party at Sailer's school. I think it turned out super cute. We had a banana split party, so Krista and I thought the sock monkey theme would be perfect. Not to mention, I had quite a few laying around the house, so that always helps. (= What's most important was that the kiddos loved it!

The ladies who chaired the mom's league V-day party were so kind to let me steal the frame of their kissing booth, so it could be "reinvented" for ours. It was a huge hit for the kiddos and a super cute addition.
Pierce and Sailer... always side by side. (=

These hats.... UGHHHHH!! the bane of my existence for like 2 days. I saw something like them online, so I knew I could make them. Well, I did, and they were cute. But man oh man, they are labor intensive and will NOT be duplicated. (=

Giving their V-day treats to their friends.
It's like "Where's Lincoln"???

And these were Sailer's valentines to her friends... little shovels with candy bags attached that read, "I Dig You!"

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Brandi said...

You sure know how to throw a party!! Great job! Love the kids' monkey shirts. And the pic of Linc on the table is too cute!!