3 Jan ~ Mickey's Great Adventure

Well, no down time for the weary! I'd bought tickets to a Mickey deal for Sailer awhile back, not realizing it was the very next morning after we got back from Colorado. Oh well. It was actually very cute. Mickey and friends went back in time to find all these different Disney characters (including Cinderella which was a huge hit). Sailer demanded on wearing this outfit, and I thought, why not? Someday I'll be sad when she no longer wants to dress up like a princess.Seriously, we are some of AA's favorite customers... if it can be bought, we do.

Making sure her new Minnie (she has like a gazillion) could see.
And during the final number, she directed Minnie to follow step-by-step in the dancing.
This picture just makes me smile ear to ear.
After she woke up, we headed back to the Nana and Papa's house for the big game.

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Phoebe's Busy World said...

We took Phoebe to that show to! She loved it!