Colorado- Day 6 NEW YEARS EVE!!

"Please no autographs"...
For lunch, we went to this super cute little dive place that we'd never tried, and funny enough, it was one of my favorites... you could dip EVERYTHING in ranch.
Trying her first fried pickle. (=
Shoot 'em up cowboy! One of my fave things in Breckenridge is this little toy store... it's the best!! And they turned the back of it into a free-for-all for kids to just play.
the octopus trampoline.
Getting some lovin from his papa.

Couldn't resist this onesie...yet, he looks like he's an extra from Flashdance.
NEW YEARS EVE! Where has this year gone?? It's been so blessed and so fun with the addition of Mr. Linc. Learning to be a boy's mama has been a definite learning curve, but one that I am treasuring every second of. And as always, Sailer is everything I hoped a girl would be.... she's crazy, and girly, and loud, and giggly, and prissy, and just downright sassy. I love them both beyond words.

Like we've done for the past 3 years, we went to Relish for dinner. It's amazing! We take turns with the kiddos. The nana and papa took the first reservation so we could play with the kiddos, and then, we handed them off so Mark and I could call in the New Year together alone.

I love these pictures of the kiddos and their grandparents.

Lincoln and his nana watching the fireworks over the mountains from the condo.
And this.... you think that papa is in love, or what?
And this.... THIS is how to call in a new year.

Here's to an amazing 2010!!! It'll be hard to top this year.

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