1 July ~ And the hits just keep on coming

Today definitely did not turn out as I'd expected. I went in (with the kids) to my annual dermatology appointment just to get a regular mole check. Not expecting anything irregular. Just to check off the list. Well, I had another thing coming. About half way through the check, the doctor stopped making small talk. She stiffened and then, looked to the nurse helping her (who by the way, did not have a good look on her face). The next thing I know, I'm having to lay face down on the table so they can numb basically my entire rear end and upper leg because they've found a mole she's almost positive is skin cancer. She, of course, won't give me a guess to the degree, but I was scared to death at this point. Adding to my misery, I have two babies crawling all over the room, one bawling because he wants to be held and doesn't understand why his mama can't pick him up. Which leaves me bawling.... partly because I'm frightened, partly because I'm frustrated. After the procedure, I have 3 internal stitches and 5 external stitches. Needless to say, it was NOT a small cut. Because I'm writing this post date, I can tell you that the next week of waiting was pure hell. Even worse than the pain of the stupid incision itself which rendered sitting or sleeping impossible. Oh, and worrying about pulling stitches just by picking up Lincoln. The doctor had scared the living bejezzus out of me.... all I took away from the appointment was worst case scenario because she was not positive in her discussion. She said it didn't look good. It turns out it was irregular and malignant but it was not to the degree she believed. I still have to go in and have more of my leg cut because they didn't get all of it, so I'm sure not looking forward to that, but it's better than the alternative. SOOOO- don't miss your derm appointments. Especially those of you that were dumb like me and tanned when you were younger. Because my spot was in a place that the sun does not normally see.

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