10 June ~ A little bit of this and that

This is what happens when mommy is too tired to get out of bed and leaves daddy in charge of breakfast. I guess it is efficient.
Until this happens... Linc is notorious for picking up scraps and helping himself. I'm guessing Sailer didn't finish her yogurt and the little man came scouring behind her.

Just for laughs.

For the past few days, we've had a swim instructor come to the house to give Sailer swim lessons. She has NOT been a fan of the no-floatie/life jacket rule. But she seems pumped today (obviously as demonstrated by the below bootie dance).

Here she is.... we pretty much watch the whole time from the window. As she screams, but does learn to swim on her own.

Afterwards, Sailer heads to the garage to help her daddy on another mommy project.

And even adds her marks after mommy has painted it. (=

Then, Sailer and I sneak away to run to the store and get the car washed. We always laugh b/c we never seem to leave that car wash without buying something. Mommy got this...
... and Sailer got this. So random, I know.

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