12 Aug ~ Happy Anniversary to Us!

What's hilarious is that I'm going through these pictures so long after that fact, and I have Sailer sitting with me as I'm going through them. She keeps asking me "mommy, why am i naked?" Lol.... I have to explain, you always wanted to be naked. We'd come home from anywhere, and the moment you stepped in the front door, you wanted to strip and either run around in panties or dress up in random paraphernalia all day long.

Today is Mark and I's 4th Anniversary. And although we both wish we were somewhere relaxing on the beach, we did find a little slice of heaven in Dallas. Nobu is my favorite restaurant in NYC, but I hadn't been to the one if Dallas. Holy cow... we just did the Chef's Special where they just keep bringing you course after course. I was mind-blowingly amazing.
I can't believe 4 years have passed since we got married.... so many things have changed in our lives. 2 babies. A new home. A new business. It's an amazing ride, and I'm so blessed I'm taking it with my best friend.

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