15 June ~ Camp and Art School

Today Sailer headed to camp at Reading Friends, her preschool... I think she was so happy to get to go back and see her friends and teachers. And then, that left the little man and me at home to play.
He's so happy here. We went to a doctor today because as you can see the eczema and skin problems are spiraling again... and no one can tell me why or how to fix it. So it leaves him in a bloody mess. It's killing me.
This afternoon, Sailer started a summer long, once-a-week art program at the Art House here in Southlake. To say I was impressed is a major understatement. They tackle adult forms of art that they somehow make fun for a toddler. It's the most fun she's had in awhile I think. She couldn't stop talking about it! Here she is beforehand in her new art apron.

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