17 June ~ Toy Story 3

My little Buzz Lightyear.... he might not be going to movie, but who doesn't need a cute costume for a cute boy??

and my beautiful Bo Peep.

We met a bunch of Sailer's buddies today to go see the release of Toy Story 3. And because my friends are as crazy as me, they all dressed up as different characters. Gotta love it!
Sweet kisses from Pierce.

The crew.

3 rows of 3 year olds.... who all did amazing!
Bella and Hudson
Today is a girl only day with my baby girl. After the movie, Sailer and I went and got mani/pedis.

And tonight Mark and I took a chance and took Sailer to another movie with us. (can't remember what it was now.) We were amazed because she did amazing. We went to the Movie Grill, so munchies always help. (= Oh yeah, and the virtual toy store we brought with us.

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