2 Oct ~ A cluster with a side of pumpkins

Today was just one of those mornings. I was supposed to meet my sweet photographer friend, Leah, at the Arboretum for her little pumpkin patch mini session with the kiddos. I thought I was doing SO good. I left super early (mainly b/c I wanted donuts on the way), and thought we could play around once we got there and not feel rushed. Well, I'm an idiot. I love Texas football and didn't even THINK to factor that fun traffic into my equation. So basically 2 1/2 hours later. We arrive. At the tailend of what would have been our time slot. At this point. I'm irritated. My kids are totally spent. Leah is ever gracious and just laughs at me. So the kids and I end up playing around for a bit. Leah got a few shots at the end of her next session but not really since at this point it was so crowded, you could barely see your own feet. All this to say, it was disastrous. Totally of my own making. But still.

So this is what I have to show for it. My photos, which truth be told, I'm glad I have. And since we don't really make it to another pumpkin patch this Oct due to the growing monster in my belly, I'm glad we have these. I have something to show that Oct did indeed happen this year.

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