21 July ~ Linc's Surgery

I've been totally dreading this day. And although I know it's necessary at this point, having your baby go under anaesthesia is still a big deal. But given that Linc has constant (and I mean constant) ear infections resulting in several blown ear drums, it's time to just buck up. So here we are... Linc is getting tubes today. His mama is in full blown panic mode.

My sweet little man. I had to take you back alone without your dad for them to sedate you, and when they took you from me, I lost it. I know you're in good and capable hands and that the Great Physician is watching over you, but my heart absolutely broke into two pieces.
The wait was short and you did fantastic. We did discover you come out of anesthesia very quickly and hopefully we don't have to experience this again for a long time (if ever) but they'd need to do things differently with you. You were uncontrollable because you hadn't slept enough of the medicine off. Eventually we got your calmed down enough to take home, but I don't ever want you to have to be like that again, my little angel.

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