21 Sept ~ Big Girl Bed

This morning I took Linc to a real barber shop to get a haircut. It is such a pain to have to get his hair cut ever 2 weeks... boys!

Tonight was a big night at the James house. Out with the crib. In with the big girl bed. Sailer has never crawled out of her crib (when she could clearly), and has always loved it... so we never wanted to rock the boat. Well, it finally happened. A little girl walking into our bedroom one morning to wake us up. SO it was time to pull the big girl bed out of the attic (we've had it for over a year).

She was SO excited about it!
She even wanted to help put it together with her daddy.

Where'd Sailer go?? Sweet thing thought it was more of a toy than anything.
One little monkey...

Finally time to go to bed. Reading her stories. About to say her prayers. And off to night night.

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