22 April ~ Derby & Dish

Get to the finish line, ladies..... but don't forget your hat. Because you are cordially invited to a Derby & Dish at our own little Southlake version of Churchill Downs. The mom's league I'm a member of asked if I would host the annual spring ladies get together. It's perfect because each lady brings their favorite dish, and we pretty much "dish" all night long. Well, in my hands, why can't we have a theme too?? Hence, the creation of Derby & Dish. I loved it!! Everything from the rose covered horseshoe (like what they crown the winner with) (thank to the sweetest friend a girl could have, Krista), to the tiny trophy and vintage horse ribbons.... all the way to the horse number capes (story to follow).
I created a Betting Window where the ladies could later vote on the best dish.

And, of course, we had a Mint Julep Bar... the obvious drink of choice for all race goers.
The Finish Line (finishing post courtesy of my wonderful hubby) was perfect for all the desserts... get it... finish line! (= And all the paper roses everywhere since that's the signature flower.

And, of course, the crazy party infield! This is where the real party people hang out... it's a lot less "fancy" but that's ok too.
We used a horse trough for all the cold beverages.
And held the balloons down with jockey hats.
Ahhh, and the concession stand complete with sweet tea, authentic 2010 Derby cups and personalized water bottles for the event (thank you, Torry, as always!)

The signature buffet table.
Here's the funny story.... because of all that's gone on the previous weeks, this party was definitely a last minute creation. Thanks to amazing friends it came out perfectly.... well, almost. Jenny and I were up til God knows what time the night before making these table lays to resemble the horse lays. Clearly it was late if you check out the backwards number that adorns this table. We saw it. Had a good laugh. Didn't even contemplate fixing it. And moved on. Really we just wanted to see who would actually notice.
It was fun to actually break out some of my silver. They were perfect for the roses!
And all of these silver plates.... thank you, Dollar Tree. You know I'm your greatest fan.
Finally, it's party time!! When I was getting dressed, I was a little nervous that I was going to be the only crazy with a silly monstrosity of a hat. Let's just say, I'm SO glad I'm friends with these ladies. They take a theme to the extreme. (=
Two even showing up as a jockey and horse.
These cute little hat cookies were the parting gifts.

The winner of the best recipe received an apron that appropriately said "Talk Derby to Me."

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