22 June ~ Well, that explains it

For the last few weeks, I just have not felt right. Tired just doesn't even begin to describe it. Achy, cold like. Very unmotivated. But mostly just not myself. I first thought I was pregnant because that's pretty much how I feel the first trimester, but nope. So, I went to the dr a few days ago to have a physical. And lo and behold, there's an explanation. I have MONO. Seriously??? Yep, the kissing disease. Full on mono. I can't believe it. I'm supposed to sleep as much as I can (clearly they didn't factor in the two toddlers I have running around my feet.) Anyway, my saving grace I think will be my mil and mom who've offered to keep the kids sometimes so I can just sleep. Needless to say, we will be more low key than normal.

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