25 April ~ Pool time FINALLY

Daddy kisses are the best!
Can you tell how ready Sailer is for the pool?!?! Her buddys, Grady and Graham, are coming over later for our christening of the pool. It's been a long time coming!!! YEHAW!!!

Well, Linc is dangerously close to turning one soon, and my little lump refuses to even attempt to crawl. At a healthy 31 lbs, the doctor said he likely struggles to hold his weight up. Here's a little preview of crawling lessons.... or should I say, our failed attempt, try 1000.

One of my favorite parts of the day is "Dancing Lincoln." He has about as much rhythm as his daddy, which isn't saying much! He gets my phone, goes to the music, turns it on, and jams. Well, he shakes it til he goes down.

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