26 June ~ Super packed but fun-filled day

This is going to be a long post.... because it was a LOOOOONG day. A fun day but one packed with lots of parties!

We started out the morning heading over to Gavin's 3rd birthday party!!Ready for fun in the sun!
Linc, of course, found the cars!
And Sailer heading to the water slide.
Celebrating Gavin. Woot woot!

Enjoying sweets with Kaia.
And off to the next stop....
visiting Mimi....
Seriously, nothing with wheels is safe with this one around.
At least there's a plus side to the hospital.
After the hospital, we divided to conquer. Sailer and I headed to Becca's birthday party, while Mark and Linc headed to Pierce's party.

Here is Sailer at Becca's carnival. She loved all of the little stations.
But nothing more so than this horse!

We stayed for about an hour, and then, headed over to Bella and Pierce's house for party #3.
Ahoy mateys! Sailer and I at our final destination. Today is Linc's buddy, Pierce's 1st birthday party. It was a super cute pirate party!! So, of course, Sailer donned her pirate gear.
Linc and Harper in their pirate gear.
And then, naked! lol!
The girls.
My precious little pirate.
On to the water slide for lots and lots of fun!

Eat your heart out, ladies.
the cutest pirate's bootie ever!

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