27 Apr ~ Surprises are the best!

Today Sailer got the best surprise! She loves to go to get the mail with me, and today there was a special package just for her! I know if you've been around me or read any of my posts, you know no party I do would be possible without the creative genius of one Ms. Torry. She has become a lifesaver on so many occasions. She's great at what she does, but the icing on the cake is that she's so dang nice. I mean one of those people who are genuinely just sweet and caring. Well, today is a perfect example. For no reason whatsoever, she sent Sailer this super cute little gymnastics doll. (Have I ever mentioned that she doesn't even live in Texas and we've never officially "met"?? Crazyiness) Anywho, her "little" girl is a competitive gymnast and at a recent meet, she thought about Sailer when she saw these for sale. Sailer was crazy excited! We named her "Nadia".... you know one of the most famous gymnasts ever.I see her being a staple in our play time... and even during time out.

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