27 May ~ Getty up cowgirl.

Today at the close of "rodeo camp"- they had a mini rodeo for the parents to come and watch. There's a funny story behind this morning and this get-up. I had this uuber cute little rodeo outfit picked out for Sailer (shocking, I'm sure). Anywho, when we drive up all the kids have on these really pretty (insert sarcasm) tye-died shirts and jean shorts. And then, I look on the fence line and there are a few shirts left. Apparently part of the camp is they made their own shirt and wore it the final day. Who knew? So the problem arises. She has a dress on and they want them to have jean shorts on. No problem, huh? Well, Sailer's "magical closet" as it's been nicknamed by some of my friends failed me. It did not have jean shorts. We don't really wear jeans so I've never bought any. SO to make this long story even longer.... I had to run to baby Gap and buy some and run them back up there just for this stupid shirt. (And note, they've never been worn again.)
On to the good stuff! This is them leading Sailer out for her turn on the horse.

Isn't she SO cute!!
Another one of her projects...
And finally, they passed out trophies to all of the kiddos.
She and Jake saying bye to the horses. (=

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