28 June ~ Torture

Today was Linc's well check (late because he couldn't seem to ever be well on the previously scheduled ones.... go figure.) I have pics somewhere but can't find them right now. I guess that's what I get for letting this blog get so behind. Anyway, if it had been current. I would've asked for serious prayers today, but since I know the outcome, I know it turns out ok. Let's just say, Linc's pediatrician scared us today that some personal things were not right with my little man, and referred us directly to a specialist in Dallas. Fun thing is that the wait was a month and a half! I could've have killed the doctor. Amidst the myriad of all the other health issues going on in our house, it was just one more thing. Anyway, for the month and half, I was a nervous wreck, but prayers were answered, and it turned out as favorably as they could have. Thanks to the Lord!!!

But I'll leave you with these images of my crazy girl in her super scary wig.

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