3 July ~ Katie's Surprise Bday Party

Because Katie's b-day falls so close to the 3rd, it never gets any attention.... so we decided to rectify that this year with a little surprise party. Although Katie is super girlie, she has a major love of all things hippie looking. Hence the decor.

And she's finally here.... her response, "what the hell?" Classic.Inside Joke.... but we thought it was hilarious. Yes, they're boobie tassels.
Rox, me, Samah, Leah and Larissa

The man and me.

Just so you know, it was empty.

Outside on our patio watching the firecrackers.

The low point of the night (which caused a low point in the morning or later in the night for some) was the introduction of the absynthe. I didn't try it b/c it just smelled foul. And apparently, it was worse than lighter fluid.

When a few people left, Camo somehow got out.... he came back after wrestling with a skunk.
So the party headed to my bathroom to give him a bath.
It does take this many people.

Trying on stripper shoes.
And one of my fave pics ever.

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