30 Mar ~ Easter Party Meltdown

Today was an Easter-overload day for my kiddos... for real. We started the day with an Easter party and egg hunt at Sailer's school.

As you can see, Sailer took no prisoners when it came to the egg hunt. Many of her sweet friends were hesitant to pick them up or just stayed in one area. Not Miss. S. She went mach 9 the whole time.

Look at the greatest treasure you could find out there.
Sailer even shared some of her loot. (=

Next we headed to the GCS Mom's League Easter Party.... to say it was a disaster does not even wrap up that afternoon. I've NEVER left an event. But this one, well, we stayed for all of about 30 minutes (and that included me being their early to help set up). Sailer was just DONE. She'd had a long day, and neither had had naps. Or maybe she was just sugar crashing after the RF party... I don't know, but it was ROUGH. First, we stood in line to get out pics with the Easter bunny. They'd set up a coloring table, I'm assuming to keep the kiddos patient until it was their turn. I just happened to look over at Miss. S right as she was taking a black sharpie (i'm assuming inadvertantly left behind from nametags) and making a big fat permanent line down the front of some little girl's crisp white Easter dress. Sadly (or maybe not), I didn't know the little girl or her mom, so I profusely apologized and ran. Truly wanting to leave at this point, I stuck it out. Then, Sailer continued to just act up, cry, throw fits, you name it. After finding her opening up the Easter eggs laid out or the coming hunt, she had to go to timeout. When she came out, she ran straight back to the eggs, I chased her. Fell with Lincoln in arms, so I had to do a commando roll as not to smoosh him underneath me. Skinned my knee, elbow and was pretty sure I was going to lose my front tooth. At this point, mommy was done. Seriously done. After carrying both screaming and kicking children back to the car, I drove home in peace and quiet. They both fell asleep before even leaving the parking lot. Maybe it was a little bit my fault... just too much packed in one day. Lesson learned.

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aLena said...

That sounds like a complete disaster ... trying to do too much sounds like a common problem but with 2 kiddos you always gotta be on your toes ... hope better days come your way!