4 Oct ~ My little French girl

There is no denying that Sailer lives in her own little world. Today her teacher came out to the car just laughing to tell me one of Sailer's newest Sailerisms.
Ms. Sherry (to class): We're going to go around the circle and tell our friends where we live.
One student: Keller
Another classmate: Southlake
Another: Westlake
Sailer: the Eiffel Tower
(Truth be told, they first thought she said "Ivory Tower" which would be rather apropos unfortunately for her.... but she clarified for confusion sake, "no, the EIFFEL TOWER.... you know, in Paris." Seriously, she's 3. Apparently, the teachers laughed about it all day. I was secretly a little proud of my little French girl.
When Krista and I picked up the kiddos from school, we stopped in at the little pumpkin patch/garden store next door b/c they had this for the kiddos to play.

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