6 Aug ~ Last day of Zoo Camp

Last day of Zoo Camp!! And they get to wear their oh-so-cute t-shirts.

Their new hiding place.... my china cabinet.

Meeting Grady before walking in was a trip.
Something like this always seems to happen to Amy and me..... do you happen to notice what is growing up that tree? Well, we didn't until one of the zoo employees came up to us and said we needed to start washing them off immediately. Poison Ivy. What the heck??? This is the tree right off the side walk when you walk in. I'm thinking they should clear that off.

While the big kids were at camp, we too the little boys to the zoo for the day.

And did a little stalking of the big kids. ha ha.

This kimono dragon freaked me out with that long lizard tongue... the boys thought he was hilarious.
Time to pick up!

Sailer loves her Aunt Amy.... gotta love unprompted hugs. Sailer just doesn't do that often.

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