8 Sept ~ Sailer's First Day of School

Sailer's first day of school is today. Could she be any cuter?? Seriously!! I so love her. And she's so excited to be back to see her friends and teachers.

It was a torrential downpour this morning, so no cute pics outside of the school.... and it was a little bit of a circus at drop off, so they had a little fun dress up while getting things back in order.

Excited to see Bell.
And her boyfriend, Pierce.
So what to do??? The little man and I did some catch, a few books, and a little snuggling because the rain just wants to make mommy sleepy.
When Sailer got home, there was a little surprise for her. Funny enough, one of her little besties' moms has a new line of jewelry. She made a stunning bracelet just Sailer's size out of Swarovski crystals (of course).
Two words.... oh my. She lubed up with oil. That is one slick little girl.

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