Easter 2010

First of all, thank you dear Jesus for coming to earth to be our one and only saviour. Without your sacrifice, our lives would be without hope or salvation. This day is truly yours, and we humbly celebrate and stand in awe of you. Thank you seems so trite to say... and just so lacking. But thank you. Thank you with all that I am.

Instead of baskets, the Easter Bunny brought the kiddos Easter chests. We needed the extra storage. (=

"Hippie Chick Sailer"

Then, Mimi came with her Easter goodies as well.
Sailer in her Easter dress... she thought the hat was so funny so it rarely stayed on as it should.

And my main little squeeze. I seriously want to eat him up!!!!
My two angels just roughhousing over my newly-planted pansies.

How come even with a girlie hat, he is still all boy?
The rare unprompted moment of affection for her little bugger.
Easter Lunch time.

After lunch, the Easter bunny came!!! So we headed outside for her to run and grab up eggs. She's a serious professional after the last week, so there was no hesitation whatsoever!

And poor Linc just sat there (given that he refuses to crawl or walk or even sludge a bit.)

Surprisingly, she let him play with some of her eggs. She is not normally a great sharer with him, so I was pretty proud of her. She did get every single egg though.
The paparazzi.
Linc and his other nana.
Digging for her treasures.

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