Sailer's 3rd Royal Ball

Welcome to Sailer's 3rd Birthday Royal Ball.Ever since I found out I was having a little girl, I'd dreamed about hosting a princess party. Thank the Lord I have a little princess that ate it up! Sorry, I'll bore you with the decorations first.... and pretty much every inch of the house was covered in something due to the unexpected snow storm that day. (We had Cinderella's carriage and huge castle bounce houses that had to be cancelled at the last minute.)

I wish I had a picture of the invitations. We made parchment scrolls that were hand delivered and taped to each of their front doors.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Her royal highness, Princess Sailer, requests your presence
at a Royal Ball in honor of her third year of reign.
The royal celebration will be held on the twentieth of March
at her royal castle to be found in _____ at ________ Lane.

From thirty past three o'clock until six,
the Fairy Godmother will be busy with princesses to fix.
Whilst Knights in Shining Armor will be in their training
Because at some point dragons will surely need slaying.

Her Highness will be collecting royal attire
or things of that sort,
to be donated to the Princess Alexa Foundation
on behalf of her court.

Thusly, it wouldn't be perfect
without each of you here.
So come one, come all
for a royal feast, we shall share.

Please send word of your intentions via royal courier
as soon as possible to ______.

This was our entry way turned into a royal ball room ready for the knights and princesses dinner.

Our carriage entrance. There was a matching castle on the other side of the room that we somehow didn't get a photo of...

Each table setting for the princesses included a carriage charger, princess frame, and glass slipper.

The next few photos were the food and drink tables. This carriage was originally a planter that I painted and used for food display.

And Sailer's cake table.

We always have a sweets table at our parties...

And the carriage centerpieces for the adult tables were so pretty and sweet.
The various beverages....

When the princesses arrived, they were directed upstairs to the Bippity Boppity Boutique where they were given a Cinderella tutu dress, crown, wand, and sent in for hair, makeup, glitter, accessories, etc.
The accessory table:
There was even a bebe bippity boppity boutique, complete with little wands and headbands with bows containing their own little crowns.
Each little girl was given a little carriage containing their own lipgloss and powder puff (for all the germ concerned mamas).
And the dress up begins...
While the little girlies were upstairs getting dressed up like a princesses, the boys were taken to the "Knight in Shining Armor Training Camp" where they were given capes, swords, helmets, and made their own shields.
Meet the tiniest knights...
Wrangling all of these sweet little ones was the greatest challenges of the party!

Then, the main event finally arrived.... Cinderella came to Sailer's party! That is the only thing she had asked for with regards to her birthday. She was so shell shocked when she actually saw her.
After lunch, Cinderella did so many fun things with the kiddos. Due to the snow outside (what the heck!), she took them on a scavenger hunt inside.
Played a silly hat game.

Told stories.

Had a dance party.
Gave hand painting.
And loads of treasures.

After playing with Cinderella, it was time for Sailer's castle cake.
And her own personal princess cake.
You've got to be a lucky little girl when Cinderella herself sits with you to celebrate your birthday.
Like most children, Sailer has more toys that she knows what to do, so in the invitation, we asked her guests to bring princess dress up faire to be donated to the Princess Alexis Foundation. It's an organization created to give princess dress up things to little ones enduring chemotherapy.

Because Sailer doesn't believe that any party is a true party without a craft table, we had several set around the house with things like creating your own crowns, swords, princess mirrors and the like.

As all of the sweet little princess and knights left the party, they were given goody bags with various princess and knight paraphernalia.

At the end of the party, some of the kiddos went out to the garage (again b/c it was so dang cold outside) to jump on the jump house and hit the 2 pinatas.
The castle for the girls.
And the dragon for the boys. The dragon looks a little worse for the wear given that Camo, our dog, had a field day and ate his and my hubby fixed him by just wrapping him in black electrical tape. Classy.

So many of my precious friends helped make this magical day a reality and without them, it truly wouldn't have happened. I know the boys (along with my hubby) thought I'd totally lost my marbles, but you always just sucked it up and made my crazy ideas a reality. Jenny, I'm surprised you ever want to see blue tulle again. So Jenny, Rich, Katie, Keith, Alyssa, Torry, and Krista.....thank you from the bottom of my heart. I {love} you all.


Channa, Life as a Coaches Wife said...

Tara, I have been following your blog for awhile and I have to say I really think you should become a party planner, or atleast start a business where you create story boards for parties! You host the most amazing parties! I have filed away so many great ideas from your parties!!
And I love that you had the gifts donated to such a special foundation! Every little girl should feel like a princess.

The DG Family said...

I completely agree with Channa, I really enjoy looking at your party pictures. What a lucky little girl you have! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the swords and shields?

Anonymous said...

where did you get those amazing carriages for the adult tables??!!

Jonathan said...

Hi Tara! My fiance and I are planning our wedding and have a royal ball theme! We've been looking for some great centerpieces and saw your carriage centerpiece on Pinterest! and we were wondering where you got them from??? Did you make it yourself? It's absolutely beautiful! Let us know! We would love to have something similar sitting on our wedding tables!

Luce Duviella said...

Hi Tara, where can I purchase the cups and centerpieces?