Sailer's First Dance Recital

As silly as this may seem to some, this is a day I've been dreaming about pretty much since the day I was told I'd be having a little girl. Her first dance recital. And I tell you, it did not disappoint. My heart swelled. I cried like a baby. And I didn't know I could be so proud.

We started out early this morning with a dress rehearsal. She was so excited to have big girl curlers in her hair.... a first.And make up!

I was a backstage mom, so I got to see her all the way up until she went on stage. Here she was getting high-fives for good luck from the big girls.

Then, we were back to the house. This is a quick picture of the bags I made for Sailer and her dancemates. I filled it with coloring books, a special themed drink cup with their name, snacks, etc. (for the back stage wait).
And then, their gifts for after the performance!

Here's the drag queen after her nap.
Now on to the real deal!!!
Getting her dressed.

Waiting for their turn.

Being silly in their line up.
And show time!!
They did a routine called "Sea Cruise." So perfect for their age!!

I was so proud of her!!! In practice, she never really did a lot of it. She got distracted pretty easily. But tonight, she did amazing!
After her performance, her biggest fan was waiting in the wings ready with flowers for her.

My sweet family.
And her nana and papa.
And mimi.
Now to dinner.
Her littlest fan, sporting his nautical nod for her performance. (=
And back home where she opened her gifts from us.
This ballerina trophy amidst some other goodies.

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