San Antonio- Day 1

Anyone who's been around our house recently knows that Mark has a job that is truly the baine of his existence.... seriously, it will not end and it's just sucking him dry. Well, he has to work this weekend on it down in San Antonio, so Sailer and I decided to hop on board and make a little mini-vacation of it. And we'd get to play with Mark at night.

On the way down there, we had to make a little pit stop in my old stomping grounds. Mark hasn't been to Baylor, and it's been too long for Sailer to remember it.

One of the must stops... George's!

And what her mommy ate all the time... Baylor Beggars (rolls and ranch). Sounds weird, but it's so beyond good. Miss. Sailer agreed whole-heartedly.

Then, on to the campus.

And meeting the bear!

I wanted to take her to the Armstrong Browning Library (the whole reason her Mimi decided on coming to BU).
Sic 'em Bears!
And of course, road trip food.

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