San Antonio- Day 3

Although we'd plan to go back to Sea World today, due to the super crowds yesterday, we decided against it. I'm SO glad! We had an amazing day. This morning, we went to breakfast at the hotel (La Cantera) where we got to meet all kinds of fun characters.

Afterwards, we met the Ashmore's downstairs for an animal show.
And hilariously enough, ran into our neighbors. Our backyards literally abutt and we didn't know we'd both be at the same hotel this weekend. (=
Afterwards, Sailer and I headed to Fiesta Texas.

Sailer is absolutely fearless on roller coasters. She definitely didn't get that from her daddy. He's a total wuss.
Although Sailer doesn't even know who the Wiggles are, she loved this area! It was perfect.
the perfect sized rides.

but the best part... the spray park.

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