1 Nov ~ World Series

Tonight was one of those bucket list nights. Mark and I have season tickets to the Rangers, and he's been going to the playoff games... and then, the World Series game on Sat. I love baseball, but since I've been too sick to stay upright for too long, he gave my ticket away. That went over like a ton of bricks. (= Fast forward to today. He called earlier and said we were meeting a bunch of people to watch the game. I was instantly against it... 1, I can't really drink... 2, I don't want to be around smoke, and 3, I'd rather watch it from my bed (and close proximity to my bathroom). So I said for him to just go without me. Next thing I know, he's walking in with a card for me. I open it and it contains our tickets for the real game. Somehow I can muster the energy for that!

Our seats are amazing. We have a few rows back on the 3rd base line, which tonight put us right behind the Giants owner and their loyal fans. It was pretty funny to watch the difference between the California fans and the Texas fans, esp. their wardrobe.

I tell you what. Of course, it was disappointing that we didn't win. If I only got to attend one game, I was so glad it was this one. To see a team (any team) win a World Series was a once in a lifetime experience. I cried. But then again, I'm crazy emotional pregnant monster. Regardless, it was one of those moments that time stood still just for a second. And you couldn't not be happy and proud and excited. Even if it wasn't your team. (kind of cool side note, I knew one of the Giant's great players, Aubrey Huff, in high school... so it was neat to see him win.)

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