23 Jan ~ Stockshow Day

YEEHAW! The James family is off to the Stockshow. Having grown up in the Fort, the city literally shuts down for a month for the rodeo and stockshow. There's even a holiday for it! Mark didn't get to go because he's deathly allergic of hay, but luckily, Mimi and Aunt Natalie went with us.

Here's my cute little cowgirl and cowboy!

When we wen into the exhibition hall, this little man was salivating (literally) at these machines.

We saw one of the hens lay an egg, and Sailer thought it was hilarious!

They put her on the tallest horse they had, and she loved it!

But this was the favorite part for both of them. The petting zoo...

It turned so cold, so we didn't stay too long to do rides.

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