28 Jan ~ the Day from Hell

This was the silver lining to one of the most horrific days we've had EVER! Sailer's sweet friend, Kaia, left these on our front doorstep as a cheer up.First, Mark is in Vegas, my inlaws who help a lot are in Arkansas, and my mom is sick herself.... so no life boat for this mama. So here's the breakdown of today.... a day I hope never to repeat. We tried to get in to see the doctor this morning, and they were completely full so they referred us to the emergent care center. So we spent the morning with no real diagnosis given that all I could tell from Sailer is a high fever. We came home, tried to nap, and then, around 5pm, I went in to check on Sailer and she was on fire. 105 degrees. She could barely move and only wanted to be held. She, then, threw up on me. I called the doctor, and she said to take her to the emergent care asap. So once again, I loaded up both kids and headed out. It was a 5 hour wait time... with 2 babies with no dinner and 2 car toys to our name for entertainment. The waiting room was so packed we barely had seats, had a kid beside us that kept stealing Linc's paci and putting it in his mouth and his mother barely even looked up. Again, Sailer only wanted to lie in my lap, which would've been fine had I not needed to chase the other one around the entire time. They finally called our name.... and this little girl was a trooper.
This little man wanted a bottle, his blankie, and his bed. He was inconsolable, and really, who could blame him?
We left with a little girl fighting strep throat and double ear infections. It's going to be a long couple of days. But at least this one is finally over!

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