3 Dec ~ Mom's League Christmas Party

This morning we skipped school and headed to the Mom's League Christmas Party. Attempting a picture of all the kids together. As you can see, it was really successful!
Sailer and Ms. Claus
Mr. Cool
My sweet baby love.

Talking it over with the big man about what she wants for Christmas.

At one point, they had a prima ballerina come in to perform a number from the Nutcracker. Sailer was awe struck. She even tried to get on the stage with her to help her perform.

Decorating cookies with Bell.
Linc wasn't really a fan of the craft tables... he just wanted his mommy to hold him.Aunt Tara and Miss. Christy taking it for the team taking the babies on the train.
Afterwards we went with the Minogues and Reiersons to Fuzzy Taco for lunch.And mother of the year just NEEDED some big girl talk, so we just bit the bullet and let the girls play under the table and chanced it.
Then, we headed to Sweet and Sassy for haircuts all around. And of course the glitter stars!(=

Tonight, Sailer's grandpa came in town for the weekend, so we stood outside waiting for him to arrive. Sailer dances CONSTANTLY. She is reenacting Nutcracker.

And my sweet little boy and his books.

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