5 Dec ~ Pampered Princess Party

Today Sailer and I are heading to the Pampered Princess Party hosted by Let's Pretend Tea Party at the Grapevine Convention Center. She's so excited!

I ordered this little Santa-inspired capelet for her for the holiday, and we are both loving it. Ha Ha. It's like wearing a super soft blanket. I secretly want one.

At the party, she got her hair done.

But was not a fan of waiting in lines. Who is?
Met Prince Charming.
Got her makeup done.
Went to story time with Cinderella.
Had a manicure.

Rode on Cinderella's carriage.

Made a princess bracelet.
Met Sleeping Beauty.
And finally met Ms. Claus.

When we got home, we changed clothes really quickly so we could head to meet up with the gang to celebrate Andrew's birthday.

Ty and Linc bring all boy.

And finally ending this super fun day in her new Christmas Hello Kitty pjs.

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