Bethlehem Revisited

While it's easy to find an activity influenced by Santa or Rudolph, I was so excited to go with my family tonight to something that embraces the true meaning and reason for this holiday season. The town of Waxahachie completely recreates the town of Bethlehem including the stables where Jesus was born, the wisemen following the North star, all of the market place people, etc. It is really simply amazing the amount of detail that goes into this production. Everything is interactive which is so great for Sailer's age.There are lots of animals to pet.

This is the Roman guard opening the gates to Bethlehem to allow the recent tour.
Joseph and Mary

Sailer churning...

They even had a little Bethlehem boutique. (=

And a bakery where they allowed you to taste the bread. Thanks goodness for the birth of Mrs. Baird's.
Ringing the bells that called the camels.
And when they were proclaiming the birth of Jesus, they asked Sailer's who's birthday it was, and she replied, Baby Jesus..... so they gave her a printed coin of that time. Very cool!!

The Wise Men.... ok, funny story. My grandma/ Sailer's great grandma is goes by "Mur." Fast forward, the Wise Men are walking into the gates, and I point them out and try to explain where they are going, how they're going, and what they're carrying. She is somewhat listening but when I come to the gifts they were bringing and said "muhr".... she popped up her sweet little head, "Mur, where's Mur???"

Drinking her hot cocoa once we left.
And took a ride on the one horse open sleigh.

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