Christmas Eve

Tonight our home was filled with family and friends who are practically family.... I cherish nights like that. The only thing missing that would've made it perfect was my dad and stepmom. They both were down for the count with the stomach bug, so they couldn't make it.

This holiday season has been so much fun this year because Miss. S actually GETS it.... and it so dang excited about it all. Her excitement and anticipation has really made this day come alive in a whole new way.

And this little man is totally clueless but he's so dang cute, who cares! (Notice, he still is clutching one of my spices... seriously, I'm going to have to empty my cabinets.)
First, in keeping with tradition, we had smoked tamales. Delicious!
And then, on to the obscene amount of gifts these two raked in.

After all the presents were torn thoroughly apart, Sailer was determined to feed the reindeers (we'd been fighting the rain all night).
As you can see, ours is way more glitter than anything....

Leaving cookies for Santa to nibble on.
And couldn't forget the milk.

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