How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Today was one of the best Christmas things we've done yet.... I was SO impressed!!! We got tickets for the kids to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas at the Winspear Opera House. First of all, the play itself was AMAZING. It was broadway quality. And the theatre itself was incredible. I cannot wait to go back for another performance there!!! I seriously cannot say enough. The tickets aren't the cheapest, but now I see why.... you definitely pay for what you get.

So we dressed all the kids in Grinch inspired duds (are you shocked?). Rox and I were trying to get a pic of the girls together. Look how perfect Kaia and Alyssa are, and then, there's my little toot.

Here's a pic of her Grinch dress that I absolutely fell in love with. I had it made for her from a lady on Etsy that I'd used before. It was even better than I'd expected! My favorite part was the hear locket she sewed on the bodice. How perfect!!!

Attempting a group photo.

Miss. Katie made all the kids special Grinch bags filled with treats and juice for the show. It was a lifesaver, and I loved the bag! (=

Afterward, we headed to Spagetti Warehouse (this SO reminded me of high school and how many dates that I went on there in Fort Worth.... hilarious). The kids loved the games. The girls went to the candy and stuffed animal dispenser.
And the boys went straight to the guns and cars. Go figure.

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