Vegas 2010- Rox's 30th.

We started planning a girl's trip for Rox's 30th b-day back in Sept (pre-baby surprise).... and once, I started getting so sick, I was on the fence about going. I HATE missing out on things, and sure didn't want to miss the big weekend. So I pu my big girl panties on and went. I'm so glad! I'm starting to feel a little better though the energy thing is killing me. I did have a few emergency bathroom runs, but all in all, I really tried to hang.

Rox, Christy and I on the plane.... at the VERY back given that I got my tkts so late. In the VIP lounge at the Venetian being pampered as we waited for our room.
Our first night out....
Eating at Rare 120.

And on to Vanity.
Ive had nothing to drink but I hung til 3 am.(this is an amazing feat given that I normally go to sleep at 7:30! lol.)

Today we checked ourselves into the Venetian Spa and then, headed to shop!

That night we skipped dinner (nap time was too important). But made it out to see the Peep Show. Talk about giving a pregnant woman a body complex!!

Unfortunately, Christy got really sick so we went back to the room and curled up, relaxed and watched movies. It was actually pretty awesome... no sweet babies screaming, the knowledge I could sleep in uninterrupted.
At Tryst, the very posh nightclub in the Wynn.

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