1 July ~ Heading to the Lake!

A few days ago, we figured out out 4th plans fell through with the Jenkins family.... so I was pretty bummed. So I was trying to come up with something fun to do with the Huas and Drees who also hadn't decided on anything for the weekend. We decided neither one of us wanted to stay in town, so she got on line and found the coolest lake house to rent.  It was perfect for us!

So today we set off.

We were staying 4 nights but you'd think we were moving there for good.
Thank the sweet Lord they passed out because I was driving them by myself since Mark had to go to work today and I was dying to get there early to check in.
You never know from pictures what things "really" look like... but this place was even better in person.  We rented the lake house and another side house.  It was so nice!  And the man that owned it was hilariously top notch.

It only took 2 second for this crew to create a HUGE mess.  Shocker.

These two were the cutest though---- they look like twins from behind and were so cute together!
Roxanne grabbed this shot of Sable smiling with her camera.  SO CUTE!!!!  (FYI- she's naked b/c she had another blowout.  Auntie Katie was the victim this time.)
Look at those cute little buns.  Sailer decided she didn't want to sleep by Lincoln so she wedged herself in between the pallete we'd created for her and the wall.  We were staying in the other house and wanted to stay up so we got them to sleep for awhile in Katie and Keith's room.
Here they are once we carried them into their real bed for the trip.  It was Mr. Linc's first time sleeping in a big boy bed.  Aren't they adorable and so innocent??
Especially for anyone who has slept with Sailer.... this is such payback!!!

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