13 Apr ~ A pretty perfect day

Today Mark and I went to see baby James #3 in 4D.... one because I'm just not sold that she is really a she yet. I know by sono number 4, so should start to believe. But I just wanted a little girl so badly, and can't believe it's happening!!! And you hear all of these stories about mistakes happening early on and then, finding out later in the pregnancy after you've prepared for the other sex. Well..... she is still a she. And she's beautiful. And perfect. She looks so much like Sailer did in her 4D. It made it so much more real today.... I mean, I know we've got a baby coming, but to see her face, her features, her 10 little fingers and 10 perfect little scrumptious toes, well, it makes me so excited! And nervous.
Not to forget my other beautiful and perfect babies....
You've never met a kid who loves cars more.... as you can see, he always has one in hand. lol.
This year has been more tolerable because Sailer's sweet bestfriend and neighbor go to the same school and we've been able to car pool. Can I tell you how much easier that makes life??? Today after I picked the girls up for school, we headed to... can you guess.... the snowcone stand! I'm pretty sure Sailer is going to turn into a blue coconut snowcone.
He assumes his regular position on the log.

When we got home, we just couldn't go inside when the weather was this beautiful, so we broke out the side walk chalk and tried to teach button bear how to make our awesome creations.

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