14 June ~ Sick babies

Today was a looooooong but sad day.  I took Sailer to rodeo camp, and had a surprise for my oldest babies.  I dropped Sable off for the first time at her Nana's house, so I could take the big babies to a water park with their friends.  Unfortunately, when I picked them up, Sailer was acting a little weird but not bad.  We along with a bunch of her friends drove to one splash park (closed), then, another, too small, then, finally landed at the new Hurricane Harbor or something like that in Roanoke.  We thought it would be great until we actually got inside and found out nothing is open for toddlers.  It was torture for them!!!  To make matters worse, in the middle of the water park, I had to take Sailer home (with lincoln kicking and screaming) because she started to have fever and only wanted to be held.  

 Just in case you were wondering about the life-size Angelina... she goes everywhere with us.
 Thankfully the tylenol kicked in--- and the sparkle stars came out to cheer up some sad little babies.

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