17 May ~ End of the Year Party

I can't believe today is Sailer's last day of school!! It's so hard to believe this year has come and gone. Today is her end of the year party.... and her Aunt Jenny made both she and her b-friend, Pierce, matching shirts for their beach party.

SABLE UPDATE.  After their party, I had to make a fast getway to the doctor.  At our last ob appointment for Miss. Sable, they were a little worried she's stopped growing (give me a heart attack) because I had not grown any in my measurements.   (I was dilated to a 1 though. (= )  So today they scheduled a sono to check on her.  I left even more worried.  The last few days, I've been praying she'd come early.  I've had lots of "signs" she was on her way coupled with mommy just being "done" with this pregnancy.  Well, sweet girl is estimated to be only 5 lbs., so they want her to stay in as long as possible so she can grow some more.  Though it's a relief that she looks ok, I'm a little in shock.  I do not have tiny babies.  I have big babies.  So this is definitely new territory for us.  Now I have a new outlook and prayer.... for her to stay with me for a bit longer.

Afterwards, we went to make ourselves feel better at the snowcone stand. (=

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