18 Feb ~ Trying to Find Relief

Most of you know that we have fought a losing battle with Lincoln and his eczema. It's horrific and brutal and there never seems to be any relief for him. After countless doctors appointment with allergists, dermatologists and the like. Today there was finally a glimpse of hope. We were sent to a specialist for atopic eczema which is what Linc has. After the doctor looked at his sweet little bloody feet and then, at me with huge crocodile tears, the doctor simply said, "we're going to solve this." And I swear I just lost it. I've felt some helpless. To see your baby in pain and have no comfort to really give is the hardest thing ever. Well, the doctor finally gave us a plan. We have 5 different topical creams that range in strength... so each part of Lincoln's body gets a different kind of lotion. It takes a good 5 minutes, twice a day.... but I have faith that it's all going to be worth it! Gotta love that he needed to bring his cars and race track with him.Here's my sweet Sailer ready for museum school. For those of you who have little ones this is a MUST DO. It is her favorite thing that she does. I cannot say enough good things about how amazing it is.... they do the COOLEST things with them.
Today was clearly about space.

Tonight we did a family dinner at Babe's for my birthday. My kids were in heaven. Sailer is currently in this phase where she is obsessed with corn. She will just bring me a can of corn for a snack. It's so weird. Anyway, at Babe's, she just eats the corn and that's it. The entire family serving.
Whilst my other little foodie is just like his mama and is all about the potatoes and gravy!!

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