27 June ~ relaxing at home

Because we don't do it very often, I sometimes really enjoy just hanging out in pjs all day long with my kiddos.  Especially now since it's such a challenge to coordinate and get us all out, dressed and ready, and go somewhere.

I love that these two are so infatuated with Sable.  I was terrified there would be jealous issues, but there aren't thus far.
You do have to watch this little rascal.  He has now put ice down the side of her because I said she was "hot."  Isn't he helpful?  And then, today I said she should be getting hungry, and I found him trying to feed her goldfish.  Awesome.

The only downfall when you stay at home are the inherent messes that come along with it.  For example.
The bonus, however, of staying home is the cuddling you get to do with these cuties.

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