My Big Birthday

For my real birthday I decided I just wanted a family day.... so since Mark had yet to go to the children's museum, we loaded up and headed to Fort Worth. The kids SO love it.

This is an obstacle as Mr. Lincoln doesn't understand why he can't DRIVE the car. It's pretty much torture to have a race car within his reach but he can't get behind the wheel. He is so his daddy's son.
Mimi met us and we headed to the planetarium.
And then, played with all of the fun gadgets. This is always Linc's fave.
Never a dull moment when you can dig for dinosaur bones.

Or shop...
Or commendere the ambulance. He wouldn't let anyone else get behind the wheel. If you'll notice, daddy is sitting in the back trying to pry his hands off when other kids come near.

Later that night, nana and papa came ove with my favorite... ice cream cake!! Delicious.
It was such a wonderful day spent with people I care the most about. You can't ask for much more.

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