Valentines Day 2011

So I know many people don't believe Valentine's day is a REAL holiday, but I adore it. It's one of my favorite holidays, and honestly, what's not to love about it. It's a day set aside for the sole purpose of showing those you love that you love them. Sure I love receiving flowers or unexpected gifts for no reason at all on random days, but I don't think it makes it any less special to get them on a certain set aside special day either. Today was a crazy busy day but I loved every second of it.The babes awoke to find their table decorated with their little Valentine's goodies.

And seriously, my little "Future Charmer"... I could eat him up!!

The funniest part of the morning was when they opened their goodies and the hit was Lincoln's remote control car. Even daddy went to work late so he could get some playing time in. What was hilarious is that Sailer's perfect little Wizard of Oz tea set was "worth" way more, but she told me Lincoln's car was "a way better present than hers. And she wishes she'd gotten a car too." I bought that dang car on clearance at the drugstore the night before as an after thought.

My beautiful little girl dressed for her Valentine's Day party at school.
This is the difference I've learned about little girls and boys. THE MESS. You cannot turn your head for a second unless you want to find something similar to this. Especially if there is a display of cars.... he was in heaven.
Before we went to set up at Sailer's school, Linc and I had a little impromptu Whataburger picnic complete with our favorite, fries and gravy. I so loved getting a little quality time with one of my sweet Valentines.

Finally it was time for Sailer's Valentines' Party at RF.

They ate lots of sweets (go figure).
And passed out their sweet Valentines.

Pierce and Sailer passed out special Valentines to their teachers....

I so love them together--- they love on each other, completely unprompted. It melts me.

Mark and I have a tradition- we always go to the French Room for Valentine's. We've done it every year since we've been dating. For whatever reason, it always turns out to be one of our favorite dates of the year. The food is to die for and the ambiance is ultra romantic. Of course, I'm almost 7 months pregnant so that takes a little bit of the fun out of it... but we loved it nonetheless.

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