2 January ~ Snow Baby

Today, M and I headed for the slopes!  I hadn't skiied since law school, and I was about to head up the mountain with my fearless husband.  What the heck was I thinking...well, I tell you....get me off this lift now!  Instead, I decided on a motto for the day.  "Fake it until you make it."  I had two good spills, but I kept up and wasn't embarrassing.  And it ended up being a great day! 
When we arrived back to the condo, guess what we found?!?!  A crawling baby!!!!  Two, maybe three steps, and then, she looked so stinking cute, you just had to grab her and pick her up!  Sigh... she's growing up so fast!  This picture captured her staring outside at the beautiful landscape, having a snack of snowflakes.

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