Happy New Year's!

Our 2008 came in with much flair.  We awoke in Kansas City to try and catch a super early flight to take us to the surly negative 20 land of Breckenridge.  Sailer, who is no stranger to planes, had a horrible time....as did her fellow flight neighbors.  This was due in large part to two of the cutest little teeth you've ever seen making their long awaited entrance.  Ouch is all I can say.  We landed in Colorado clad in our warmest, only to find brilliant Delta (not a fan) had lost our carseat!  Oh, don't worry they said they had a Plan B.  Their Plan B loaner seat was far from Mama's standard of ok-ness.  I am usually VERY understanding of customer service workers and rarely if ever complain.  My husband still can't believe the fit I threw in Delta's main office.  All I can say is, I'm sure other mothers out there will attest to the feeling of "you don't mess with my baby."  Luckily, our rockstar driver found a suitable carseat for us, and we finally arrived at the beautiful winter wonderland.  

My sweet hubby, Mark, and I went on a date night to celebrate the New Year at a fabulous little chic/romantic restaurant called Relish.  Definitely want to return!  Though the trip was a little bit of a challenge, sitting across from my husband just laughing and relaxing while watching the snow fall outside our table window, made it all worth it.

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