First Things First

Well, I've resisted joining the blogging crowd for some time now, but my friends in the crazy scrapbook world have finally made me see the light.  I decided to attempt Anna Bowkis' 365 day challenge (albeit 21 days late) for 2008 and leave postcards journaling my many adventures over the next year (and likely a lot of my baby princess) each day.  I've always known this life was finite, but I've never understood just how quickly the days slide by if you let them.  This past year was the greatest of my life, and I simply cannot believe it's already ended.  I have much faith that the coming months will hold just as many awe-inspiring moments for me, so I'll just let this little sketchpad give you a glimpse of them along the way.  Let's discover together.  And try to remember to sit back sometimes and just enjoy the ride!

I'll highlight some of the days from beginning of the year until now that I have photos for, and just start the challenge from today on.

xo, tara

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